Monday, September 25, 2006

Beaver Falls Coffee Blog

Due to the fact that poor ol' Jason P. is getting pounded in the comments section of his blog concerning "BiFC&T" (pronounced "bifcat"), I thought I might take the brunt of the questions on myself...I am, after all, co-owner of the Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Company. This blog won't be the official coffee blog, but until that appears, this site (and my wife's proposed site and Jason's site) will have to do.

So, when are we opening?

Well, we finally squared away the last of our needed funding for our espresso machine, so that should be ordered and installed within the next two weeks. The major thing that we are waiting on is the cabinets for the bar. Painfully waiting. In the meantime, though, local construction wizards Townsend Construction & Engineering (note the use of the "&" (pronounced "&") in Beaver Falls based businesses) are making good progress on the site. We are almost ready to drywall the bathroom, build the bar area (after I finish drywalling the ceiling, yikes!), and paint/tile/refinish floors.

Much of the bureaucratic paperwork is squared away, but it is plentiful. Bethany is getting it done, though, as always with a lot of class and fortitude.

So, when are we opening?

Questions, questions, questions! Our provisional timeline is about 3 weeks, hopefully by Geneva's homecoming, but there are no guarantees. I repeat: there are no guarantees about start date right now. When I know, you will know. Pray that it will happen sooner than later. Pray that our busy lives will not be too overloaded (they've never been "just loaded" as it is, but it can get overwhelming). Pray that our business will help those in impoverished Third World countries and the local community. Just pray.


John Baldauff said...

Hey Russ, ok I guess that will suffice for now! Anyways I'm glad that it's almost time. This is something that Beaver Falls (and me for that matter) really needs. I'm glad you guys have the faith/gut/craziness to make it a reality. And I can't wait for some real, good coffee!

Janet said...

*holds up a sign, "will make websites for coffee" and jingles her coin car* - eh, it's a suggestion... i'd probably do it more for free than for coffee. Sorry if this is random. hopefully jason can vouch for me not being so creepy.

Jason said...

Hey, when are you guys opening?

Big Al said...

I will definatly be up to visit when you open. I am just excited that this is actually going to happen in Beaver Falls. Thank you for sticking with it over the haul.

Keith Martel said...

will sanka be an option?

mmm, sanka.

Keith Martel said...

approve this you blog fascist!

oh, and when are you guys opening?