Thursday, January 26, 2006

An Idea

Hat tip to Derek Melleby

Over on Derek's site, he has mentioned the stunning idea (from Terry Thomas, and who knows where he got it from!) that the book of James should be read as Wisdom literature. That got me thinking...

The gospel of John opens up with a great wisdom scene, reminiscent of Prov. 8 and a few other, non-canonical, first-century wisdom writings. Proverbs often speaks of "the way", "the truth", and "the life". It is full of dichotomies, such as wicked/righteous, light/dark, fruitful/barren. All of these themes (and many more if the price is right!) are found in John. Maybe we should be reading it as wisdom literature too?

I'm not sure exactly sure what this would do to our understanding. If I did, I'd already have written the blockbuster book.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Third Place Dreams

For all who have cherished hope for finding community, conviviality, and socialibility in America--look to the example of Easton, PA and, Lord willing, Beaver Falls, PA in the future.

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