Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Middle East and All That

I'm not a big fan of politics. Especially "big" politics at (say) the national level. I'm especially not a fan of when the Church or evangelical community back national wars that negatively affect Christians. Regardless of what you think about the war in Iraq, if you are a Christian and care about your brothers in Christ, you should read this article:

The End of Christianity in Iraq

His opinion is anti-war, but even if he was pro-war the problem remains the same. The same goes for the Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon conflict. Many Christian neighborhoods have been targeted and destroyed by Israeli missiles. The Christians don't like Hezbollah any more than Israel does. Why aren't we talking or putting up a fuss about this, especially in prayer? Some native Israelies are against their country's actions:

Morality Is Not on Our Side

Christians should really rethink their ties and affinities for Israel. This doesn't mean being anti-Semitic, either. Israel is a modern secular State (just like France or the United States of America) and should not get a pass to do whatever they want. Neither, for that matter, should Iran or Hezbollah or Syria. Christians, however, shouldn't be supporting any of them, since they all hate the Christian God--but Evangelical support of Israel has never been stronger (or, consequently, more blind).

I don't mean to soap-box. Please consider your brothers and sisters in Christ before national politics or eschatological schemes.