Thursday, September 24, 2015

Weak Christians?

I see a lot of memes floating around that say something like, "Don't think I'm strong because I go to church -- I'm weak and in need of a Savior."  I understand the sentiment, but the underlying theology is all wrong: it assumes that we can get along, but will do so only weakly.  God is like a protein shake or a five-hour energy.

What we have seemingly forgotten is that a car without gas isn't weak, nor a toaster unplugged from the wall, nor an animal without food or drink. They aren't weak, they are either unable, or dead. They are meant to be powered by something external to themselves. Calling them weak is a misuse of terminology: we aren't weak and so need a Savior, we were meant to be filled with Life, with God, and so only operate for a short span (70, or 80 by reason of strength) without that indwelling.

As I insinuated with the animals, this shouldn't surprise us: our biological life depends on the gift of external nourishment.  As we withdraw from that we certainly do get weak, but to be devoid of it is to be dead.  Our first sin involved food, our salvation likewise involves food: one brought death, the other confers Life (but this time not merely on the biological level).

Are are churches starving?

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