Friday, January 12, 2007


There are two questions I get frequently at the shop that always delight and confuse me:

1) Do you have tea?
2) Do you have anything other than coffee?

I always get a kick out of these for the simple reason that the shop is called Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea Company. The "tea" part, for some reason, never really registers on people's radar. The question I don't like getting is:

Do you have X flavor of tea?

I've gotten that a couple of times and, for whatever reason, we don't have that variety of tea. Some folks have gotten quite snarky because of our lack of space, even though we have a better variety than 9/10 coffeeshops. Such is life.


Mike said...

When people ask for a flavor of tea you don't have... check your bottles of coffee flavor shots. If you have something similar, just give them a cup of hot water with a few squirts of that stuff in it!

They'll never know the difference ;-)

Ian said...

When is your top-secret chai recipe going to find a home on the menu? me some hot chai.