Monday, November 13, 2006

My Town

Good ol' Wikipedia has an article about Beaver Falls. Mostly demographic stuff (some of which is depressing), some pop culture stuff (such as Mr. Belvdere--does anyone have the graphic from the show's opener that shows him holding a sign that says "Beaver Falls or bust"?), and other things too. There is one sentence, though, that I wish the mavens at Wiki would attend to:

"the city has suffered a goodly amount of economic malaise lately due to the decline in the steel-making capacity in the Pittsburgh region where Beaver Falls is situated"

Goodly? I feel that the same person who wrote this also wrote Jason a inclusive love letter recently. Goodly?


Update: 11/14/2006

Jason has changed the "goodly". Thanks!


Jason said...

Mr. Goodbar?

~greg said...

You should edit it, and put something about a recent start up business that is a third place in Beaver Falls.

Lady Insomnia said...

just browsing. not to be impertinent, but...

goodly adj goodlier; goodliest (dated before 12th century)
1: pleasantly attractive
2: significantly large: considerable
(from Merriam-Webster's)

Jason said...

Angela, I don't it's a question of if goodly is correct or not, just the fact that it's aesthetically jarring.

Well, that and it suggests a large increase where a mezza-mezza one is due.