Monday, October 02, 2006

BiFC&T Update

Remember it is pronounced "BiFCAT".

Well, construction proceeds apace. I wasn't able to get anything done on the house this weekend, due to a nasty bug I picked up somewhere (I blame the schools...). However, today our storage wall is being constructed, where we will have first class merchandise for you to buy, related, of course, to coffee and tea.

Tonight consists of me frantically trying to finish a doorway's drywall (not going to be finished, I can tell you that!) and tacking 5 inch baseboard back onto the walls in preparation for...refinishing the floors! The dust is supposed to start tomorrow, although I think that some more drywally type stuff will have to happen beforehand. My wife and I are considering a hotel for the week, or, to put it more accurately, my wife and my baby are considering a hotel and my dog and I are considering lung cancer.

Theoretically, this Thursday we will pick up our pastry case, so that our beloved customers can have such treats as danishes, kolaches, bagels, quiches, pies, etc. along with their favorite quasi-adult beverages (coffee has never been real popular with the under 15 crowd).

We got some samples this week from Choice Teas in the loose leaf varieties. The hardest thing will be to get Americans to try and have tea the way it should be: loose! They like it any which way but loose. Paradigm shifts take time.

More next week!

Update later in the day: I started the finishing on the drywall, but the mud is taking a lot longer to dry than I thought. No baseboard tacked up, whenever I wanted to do it the baby was asleep. Maybe tomorrow.


Jason said...

It's pretty easy to convince Americans to drink loose leaf tea: just convince them that they're silly and insignificant if they stick with bagged teas. Just kidding. Sort of.

Actually, it's fairly easy to show folks how infusers are almost (almost!) as good as loose leaf.

Also, just from reading the site, I'm already a fan of Choice Teas. Their Russian Caravan has Lapsang Souchong mixed in, an automatic winner for me.

Janet said...

choice tea website: A+
i wish i was that good

i mean... not that i am... uh...not... i just... uhh

anyways, (after reading jason's blog) what do you do on campus?

two weeks till coffee&tea opens, right?

Qere Ketiv said...

Janet--I teach a section of Hum 103 and team-teach Bib 300 with Terry Thomas. Other than that I just look fly.

Two weeks? Possibly.