Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jubilee Reflections

These are a little late...

First of all, thanks to Gideon for his kind words in a comment on this blog. Hopefully, next time we will have a chance to sit and talk. I enjoyed meeting his family. I also realized that he has a striking similarity to Jean Reno, a famous actor in such movies as Ronin. Is Gideon a top-secret incognito neo-calvinist movie star? Only time will tell.

Elaine Storkey, of TearFund spoke about poverty and global warming. Her information about poverty was intriguing and solidified my commitment to Fair Trade. I am still not convinced about the threat of global warming, but our dependence on non-renewable fuel sources does worry me. Our dependence on them is close, I think, to idolatry. Why is it that we refuse to live more simply, more locally, whether that is with a sustainable city or a sustainable country?

I also heard Alan Storkey speak on economics. His insights were helpful and I hope to blog more fully about them soon. I am still a "Creational Capitalist" but with more knowledge and less susceptible to rhetoric (or, at least, I hope I am).

Our (my wife's and mine) experience was made especially enjoyable by a chance meeting (through the providetial auspices of Scott Calgaro) with Larry Bourgeois, a coffee guru. He helped Bethany and I think carefully and more fully about our coffeeshop dreams in the Falls and set us up with contacts and information for the process.

Overall, Jubilee was a wonderful experience this year. My hope, though, is not for myself, but for all those undergrads who take it back to school with them.

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Jason said...

I had a good time "reading" with you and Bethany as well.