Friday, October 29, 2004

Moonlin Rouge

A night or two ago there was a lunar eclipse in the Falls. I haven't seen one in a long time because of Murphy's Eclipse Law: whenever there is a chance for a cool eclipse, especially solar, then the sky will be overcast. However, that night, the moon was out in all her I Corinthians 15 glory. The process is a neat one: first the moon starts to be overcome by a dark shadow, then, at the moment that the moon should be going black, the darkness becomes a shimmering pale vale, teasing you with purplish light. After that, though, some freaky freak freak started happening. My wife and I weren't sure if it was the shadow of the Earth that was doing it or not, but the infamous 'Man on the Moon' started speaking...or, if you've seen Moulin Rouge, he started singing.

Three Mares (seas) make up the Man's face--two eyes and a mouth (no nose because he doesn't want to breath in all that moon dust). The mouth started moving and the eyes looked from side to side. I thought I was imagining it--that worldview discourse had finally driven me into mythological superstition. I decided to point it out to my wife, who then remarked that she was thinking the same thing, but didn't want to say anything for fear of being crazy. Psalm 19 come to life.

That's not the end of it though (I can't write a short blog). Then the shadow, or whatever was causing the freaky freak freak, started shifting really fast--different faces started showing up on the moon and it looked like a wild beast contorting under great diress. We decided to go inside.

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